Missionary Style

Caitlin wrote and starred in the independent pilot, Missionary Style, based on the hit UCB musical. 

The Cobblestone Corridor on CPTV

Caitlin plays Elizabeth Merriweather on The Cobblestone Corridor. Premiere's in October 2016. 

Paradiso Escape

"The veteran theatrical entrepreneur Michael Counts applies his skills to the escape-room fad with “Paradiso: Chapter 1,” an audience-participation experience that is part puzzle, part performance, part technological razzle-dazzle."

-The New York Times

Caitlin plays a secret agent in Paradiso, an Immersive Theatrical Escape Room Experience. Get tickets at www.paradiso.com.

Usual Girls at Signature Theater

Caitlin plays a comically ruthless middle schooler in Ming Peiffer's Usual Girls. Directed by Kat Yen.

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